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Allure of socialism

President Barack Obama, a former college professor, believes that wealth redistribution will lead to fairness and happiness. Taken to a logical conclusion, absolutely equal outcomes will lead to absolute fairness and happiness.

The college campus is a perfect place to experiment. Take the current salaries, total them up and divide equally by the total number of workers. The administrators and the professors will probably take a pay cut of between 25 percent to 50 percent.

Some professors may have borrowed as much as $100,000 for their educations, which they’re still paying off. They studied and worked hard and now have great salaries. They bought expensive houses with expensive mortgages in gated communities. They have expensive cars with expensive payments. And they take nice vacations to exotic places every year.

The cleaning crew will be happy. But the arrogance of great knowledge will result in bruised egos for the professors. When they see a worker pick up litter, and they realize they’re being paid exactly the same amount as the worker, they won’t be happy.

What will be the incentive to be educated?

Our lives are colorful and vibrant. The zealots behind the Socialist movement have an obnoxious desire for all of us to be indistinguishable and bland.

So, come on socialist-leaning college professors — put your money, and your lifestyles, on the line. Let’s see the fairness and the happiness then.

Jack Mackenzie


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