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Dennis Rehberg would not know the truth if it hit him in the face.

Rehberg lied about being a friend of veterans and seniors. He never did anything for vets or seniors. Plus, he said the voters “whine and moan” about all the things that are going wrong in Washington.

Rehberg needs to look at the people who voted for Sen. Tester instead of him. Among them were Democrats, veterans, seniors and even a host of Republicans who would not ever deign to cast a vote for Rehberg.

Rehberg blames Sen.’s Tester and Baucus, the Democrats, unions and various of their allies for his loss. The 2012 election was a good example of what happened in 2006. We had two cry babies, one was Burns and the other, Rehberg - both of whom were sore losers.

And what about that boat wreck? Was he really drunk or just awfully stupid to crash a large boat into the jutting rocks of Flathead Lake?

What about that lawsuit accusing the City of Billings when all the city did was try to put out a fire at his home? And what about that time overseas when he fell off a horse and broke his arm? Was he schnockered then too?

He is truly an embarrassment to all Montanans. About all we Montanans can do is take up a collection and buy him a big crying towel so he can dry his overflowing bitter tears.

Ron Kuneff


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