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Disappointed in Legislature

We are extremely disappointed with our state legislators’ rejection of family planning funding (Title X) for 25 Montana health clinics. Sen. Jason Priest of Red Lodge has singled out Planned Parenthood of Montana, which operates five of these clinics, as the reason he and his fellow legislators will not support family planning funding. To make a political point they are prepared to punish all 26,000 Montanans who receive family planning and preventative health care services at these clinics.

Their allegation that federal family planning funds could possibly be used to lobby and to provide abortions is patently false. As members of the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood Montana, it is our fiduciary duty to make sure that all funds are audited and that none are misused.

Sen. Priest knows this; we have met with him to discuss our auditing process and have offered to go through our audits with him. Yet he and his partners in Helena continue to play politics with healthcare and family planning for Montana citizens. It’s not just disappointing; it’s tragic.

Susan Bury

and Mitzi Vorachek

Red Lodge

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