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What Christian values?

The lives of many of our fellow Montanans will end unnecessarily before their time if the plans of some Republican Legislators are successful in killing Medicaid expansion. Best estimates put the number of dead at 300 per year.

Have these elected Republicans forgotten doctors and hospitals do save lives? No, they see the facts, but their callous disregard for the lives of those who cannot afford health insurance is breathtaking.

The governor wants to get health insurance to people who can’t afford it. Most of the cost will be paid by the return of our taxes we sent to Washington. Hundreds of high paid jobs would be created as well.

Sen. Jason Priest of Red Lodge says of the governor, “He wants to grow government.” A good place to cut government is for Sen. Priest, and some of his colleagues, to give up their tax payer-funded health insurance. Where are the Montana Christian values these Republicans told us about when they were running to lead the government they seem to so hate?

Mike Penfold


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