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Background checks in place

In the May 9 edition there was a letter keyed “improve safety” on which I would like to comment. To buy a firearm from a dealer at a gun show, the dealer has to have a federal firearms license and the purchaser is given a background check according to statute.

Fifty or more percent of those buying space at gun shows are selling items ranging from needlework to helicopters. A background check is not needed to buy these items.

To legally purchase a firearm from the internet, the weapon must be shipped to a dealer with an FFL, who then charges a varying amount to call in the background check before the weapon is released. It is safe to say that in any legal transaction involving firearms and dealers, a background check is mandatory.

If the transaction is between individuals, a background check is useless because criminals are hardly concerned with background checks as they steal their firearms or get them from the black market.

I fail to see where more laws on background checks are going to improve gun safety or stop illegal sources of firearms. The government is not enforcing the laws already on the books so more laws would just sit there also.

How are more laws regarding background checks going to improve safety?  The law-abiding citizens who go through the background checks are not those who cause problems with guns. As far as “gun nuts” go, I suppose the British thought the colonists were gun nuts as well as they were fighting for their liberty and as we know the major cause of the Revolutionary War was the king’s attempt to disarm the colonists.

Congress was astute enough to realize that more  background laws would be an exercise in futility. And let’s not even talk about gun trafficking!

Keith Babcock



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