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Ask for Tester’s help

It’s not just me.

It seems that everyone I know has been touched personally by Alzheimer’s.  My precious mom slipped away from us, day-by-heartbreaking day, over the course of 10 years. My beloved father-in-law suffers now. So do a staggering 21,000 Montanans and 5 million across the country. About 15.4 million Americans are Alzheimer caregivers. And the numbers are rapidly growing.

We are at a critical moment in the epidemic, and it is urgent that our leaders ensure the promise of the first-ever National Alzheimer’s Plan — it will advance research, improve the quality of care given to those with Alzheimer’s, and increase support for the millions of caregivers across America.

We Montanans are blessed by Sen. Jon Tester and his dedication to our families. Please join me in urging the senator to support a strong National Alzheimer’s Plan with the needed resources, including $100 million in fiscal year 2014, for Alzheimer’s research, education, outreach, and caregiver support activities.

Alzheimer’s is already America’s most expensive disease. It is devastating physically, emotionally and financially to all it touches.  And the number of families impacted by Alzheimer’s will only continue to escalate if resources are not allocated now. Please contact Sen. Tester as soon as you can and ask for his crucial support to help Americans affected by Alzheimer’s.

Joanie Tooley

Alzheimer’s Association Montana



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