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ACA won’t work

I was mightily relieved to hear in your issue of 11 July 2013 that the cost of health insurance in California, one of our most populous states, will face no increases. I guess that’s the reason four of the largest insurance companies have canceled all of their existing policies and are abandoning the state. They just can’t make money there under the ACA!

All this trash-talk about insurance costs rising by an average of $2,500 per year were worrying. I’m so glad to hear that all the organizations investigating where insurance premiums will go are wrong. As for a family of four having to pay an average of $20,000 per year for insurance surely can’t be true, can it?

Just thinking of all those lousy doctors abandoning their practices due to the ACA? They don’t care about the health of the people, do they? They should all go to Cuba and leave us alone with those who are left, most of whom will not be our regularly visited doctors. I say get rid of all those money-grubbing doctors and depend on those who are left – most of whom really will give good service, but only for cash on the counter, although there may be a problem getting gin in front of those tens of thousands of Canadians who drift down here to get what they can’t get under their only form of the ACA.

The rest of the information given you by an ACA promoter is so insipidly wrong that it needs no comment. I’m glad though, to hear that a lot of money is being spent on instructing school kids on how to tell their parents how great the ACA is. It takes time away from them being instructed on how to put condoms on bananas.

What form should health care insurance take? I say let’s do what Australia does. They have plans which provide for those insured to pay what they can for casual and uncomplicated care, but the plans then cover all the really disastrous illnesses. Seems to work quite well and maybe people should be required to take care of some part of their routine health problems but be covered if things get nasty, and really expensive.

As for the young taking over the healthcare costs for the elderly? Turns out that in Japan, more nappies are used by the elderly than by babies. The U.S. is facing this same problem of a declining birth rate. How long will the young agree to pay through the nose for the healthcare of elderly people in this country?

I think we’re reaching an impasse under the ACA, and my feeling is that the ACA is not going to survive for this and other reasons of high taxation and high costs involved with governmental oversight and control.

If you want it done at a reasonable cost, don’t have the government leeches involved.

J.P. Snively

Post Creek

EDITOR’S NOTE: The July 11 article did not say that health insurance costs would not increase in California. It said that costs “appear to be lower than projected.”


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