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Names incorrect

Hi, I’m writing regarding the article by Sharie Pyke, “New Arts Venue Here” [Outpost, July 11] about the play reading of “Among Beautiful Women” at Sacrifice Cliff Theatre Company. I organized the event and was one of the actors in the reading so first of all, thanks to Sharie for attending and for writing the article!

There were just a few misspellings (my name was spelled correctly, thank you) and I’m wondering if it’s possible to correct them. First, the playwright George Carroll is correct but the poetry is by Gerald Locklin, not George Lachlan. The actor who played Burl is Gustavo Belotta, and Kate was Amanda Megyesi-McCave.

Also there is a sentence about the play being “written to be performed anywhere without having to pay a royalty,” which might give the wrong impression. While it’s a play written for actors to be performed anywhere, rights and permissions are granted on an individual basis.

And I hope someday the playwright does receive some royalties for all the effort he’s put into the piece.

Donita Beeman



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