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Background checks

A letter from one of the prolific writers appeared in the July 4 issue of the Outpost, chanting the mantra regarding background checks.

They keep saying the same thing knowing that it is not factual, so here are some facts:

1. Criminals and sociopaths do not bother with background checks;

2. It is a myth that the government destroys the background checks after a given period. It is constructing a comprehensive data base on gun owners and these lists have historically, always, lead to confiscation;

3. No one can say what the Founders would or would not have thought, but it seems they wanted the people to have the same arms as did the Army and the government;

4. To say that the Second Amendment applies only to black powder is ridiculous beyond thinking comprehension; the people should have equivalent arms as do the terrorists, the criminals, sociopaths and other enemies of a free state; as has been shown in California where the criminals had more and more advanced arms than did the police; law enforcement learned that lesson hard and fast!

5. The idea that background checks and gun confiscation make the people safer is really mystical thinking. Check out Australia, where people cannot safely go out at night, and remember the young man who was chopped to death with a meat cleaver on the streets of London.

Also, in World War II the English came begging for firearms for the civilians to protect the country. The government later confiscated them all and destroyed them.  Don’t forget the 20th century gun confiscation program and the resultant gun deaths (and gas chambers) of hundreds of millions of people.

6. Those dumb criminals who filled out background checks were very, very few and those were hardly acted upon by the government, which could lead one to believe that catching malefactors is not the agenda of those pushing for expanded background checks.

The very premise is faulty because these checks do not deter criminals from getting guns illegally and do not make people safer. Having a means of self protection makes people safer.

Keith Babcock



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