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Some killings ignored

Over the last months there has been much media coverage and demonstrations and rage over the T. Martin vs. Zimmerman case. It was a tragic event for all and perhaps if a federal or wrongful death suit results the whole truth may come out.

I was wondering, however, where the outrage and demonstrations and media coverage are for a mother and her young son who were shot and murdered over a purse. The baby was in his stroller and was shot in the face. His killers were two black teenage boys. There was no threat to these killers; they just wanted to kill these two “white” people. They could have gotten the purse by force, but chose to kill.

I was also wondering where the outrage and demonstrations and media coverage are for two teenage girls and their mother who were raped by two adult black men? The father was beaten senseless.

Why is it that when a black kid is shot by a white man it generates months and months of media outrage, demonstrations and sobbing interviews on daytime television? When a black is the perpetrator there is not much said.

Could it be that the media and the black populace are single minded and biased? The life of that mother and baby are as precious as anyone, but they are not afforded the same publicity. I think it outrageous and prejudicial and it smells. Mr. Holder and Obama have not mentioned these two cases either.

Sometimes stand your ground works and sometimes it is abused. We all have the inalienable right to protect ourselves and our family and goods.

Keith Babcock


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