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Watch for goatheads

Riding a bicycle is my main mode of transportation. I was downtown recently and discovered many goathead vines in the parking lot kitty-corner to the Good Earth Market.

I returned next day with gloves, a trowel and garbage bag ready to do damage to this infestation of thorns. I dug up as many of these weeds as I could but could not get them all due to the gravel and rocks where they are growing.

I called the city’s Code Enforcement/Weed Control to report the problem. I received the following message: “Weeds that grow along the ground, even those with thorns, do not come under code enforcement jurisdiction. Weeds have to be taller than 12 inches to receive a warning.”

If you have tried to dig up goatheads and police your area for these pesky invaders, you know the issue of what I speak. They are drought resistant and a very aggressive weed. The thorns stick to the bottom of your shoes and reseed themselves. They are exceedingly painful if they puncture your skin. For a bicycle tire they are fatal. If goatheads are prevalent, a cyclist needs to ride in the street where cars drive. Car tires wear out the thorns.

I am asking the city to include goatheads as a problem weed. As citizens of Billings we need to be especially ardent and dig up any that we see. Also we request businesses to be vigilant in caring for their property so that goatheads do not grow there.

Audrey Wagner


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