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Obama’s high crimes

Really, “Jane White.” Of all the high crimes of this entire administration, you zero in on marijuana legalization [Outpost, Aug. 8]?

What about the removal of Christian values and the insertion of Muslim “beliefs”?

What about the hundreds of billions of dollars and F16s and military equipment sent to countries that want to wipe us off the face of the earth while the country is being embraced by the “sequester.”

What about pushing a healthcare system that is so bad even the government does not want to belong to it, and now doesn’t have to since Obama gave them a free pass.

What about the millions of immigrants waiting to legally come in this country about to be passed by 11-plus million who illegally crossed our borders and that we know nothing about.

I ask you, would you allow total strangers whom you know nothing about to move into your home with your spouse and children?

Under this and the health care plan, if a business owner hired an illegal immigrant, he would not have to buy insurance for that person for 10 years, saving that business owner $5,000 a year per employee.

Whom would you hire?

What about the members he appointed to the National Labor Relations Board that were ruled by a federal court as having been appointed illegally? And yet he will not remove them.

What about killing by drones of American citizens turned terrorist in the Middle East and the deportation from the Middle East of terrorists to stand trial on U.S. soil in U.S. courts?

What about Benghazi? What about the fact that he or Hillary could not be reached after the initial notification? What about the order to stand down given to all units that could have assisted? What about the 33 survivors who have not been allowed to testify or come forward in any way?

What about the IRS harassing applicants simply because of their beliefs?

What about Obama making it illegal to sue Monsanto in any way over their Genetically Modified Organism? This is in the food YOU, me, all of us eat and is linked to autism, Parkinson’s disease and, um, that memory one, um ... Alzheimer’s.

People have no idea what this “man” has done because the media has been strong armed into silence. If your parent paper wanted to report some news, maybe they should start with these few story lines.

I do appreciate that you stopped and talked with us since the Gazette said they were to busy. I just wish the article was a little more serious.

Thanks for letting me spout off.

Jim Buterbaugh


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