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Why oppose Obamacare?

Most of the summer we have heard about the upcoming deadline for “Obamacare.” One of the complaints was about people in the age group of 20-55 who don’t have health insurance and have e good health. I once heard someone say they got pregnant to get a return on their insurance investment.

I have been in that age group, good health, an occasional toothache and some eye exams. Although dental and vision were not on many insurance plans for years, they were the one thing people need. For people working minimum wage or low income, housing, utilities and transportation consume most of their income. Insurance has always been a luxury.

My understanding is Obamacare will force people or their employers of this age group to buy insurance. So if you go 20-25 years paying into insurance pools with no claims, where does all that money go? The insurance companies reinvest that money until a claim needs to be paid.

Of course, it covers their employees, building and supplies. Yet, a lot of that money goes to Wall Street. Now force a few million people to buy insurance who will not likely have a claim for several years. How much money will hit Wall Street?

My question is: “Why would the Republicans be opposed to such a plan?” Taking money from the poor and giving to the rich. Maybe it is because they did not come up with the plan.

Lauris Byxbe

Pompeys Pillar

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