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Treat everyone the same

You asked for help [Editor’s Notebook, April 17], well, here it is.  Concerning the sign “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone,” in the six states that I have lived in (California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota and Montana), this sign has always referred to people who were causing problems (drunk, disorderly, profane or generally causing a disturbance).

This is the first time in my 54 years on this planet that I’ve ever seen it applied to race, creed, color or sexual orientation. This new view here in Billings is quite disturbing. The view that I have stated has always been the accepted usage to anyone I’ve ever known, until now.

So here’s the help you asked for: If you want to work, own a business, or in any other way work with or for the public, everyone should be treated the same, or find a job that keeps you from the public. Otherwise it is just another form of oppression, bigotry and segregation.

Remember, it wasn’t all that long ago it was done due to your color, race, religion and social status. I don’t see any difference. Do you?

Robert Jackson


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