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The co-op difference

These are transformative times as many healthier food choices come to Billings. There are more selections from familiar grocery stores and even at new out-of-state chains. It’s a positive thing to broaden awareness and sharpen the conversation within this changing landscape of blurred lines and trendy marketing slogans.

Food co-ops have long been the leaders in this field of raising consciousness regarding genuine quality food. Co-ops were the first advocates for organics, local production, and improved growing practices.

I’ve been a co-op member for 35 years and it still amazes me just what a successful model of economics and social innovation they are. A billion people worldwide have joined member-owned, member-governed businesses that operate for the benefit of their members and communities.

Just one distinguishing, significant “co-op difference” is in creating healthier local economies and communities. Food co-ops generate more money for their local economy with 1.5 time more impact than conventional grocers. For 20 years the Good Earth Market has cultivated relationships with 140 local producers, now making up 25 percent our total sales volume.

“Healthy,” “local,” “community” are more than marketing slogans at Good Earth Market. Shop your values, share the fun at GEM, and keep more dollars in Billings.

Greg Jahn


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