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Mac Whopper House

What a hilarious dichotomy: Mr. and Mrs. (?) It-Is-a-BIG-SECRET are building a house larger than some public spaces in our city [Outpost, May 1]. They want to remain anonymous, but the house, when completed, will be so large, it will be seen from space! A padlock will give them the peace and privacy they most humbly desire.

Hmmm. Does the rule about really ridiculously large pickups apply to houses?

What a sad commentary on Big Secret’s awareness of the world all around them. How many unfortunate folks right here in Yellowstone County could be helped by a mere percentage of the Mac Whopper’s final costs? What kind of a dent in the mosquito-borne diseases that creep ever closer to Montana’s borders could be made? How many tons of good, wholesome meat could be delivered to the Food Bank every week with just the decorating budget?

We all need to pray for these misguided folks, who don’t really want to remain anonymous; who don’t really know what it is like to camp out in one corner of a monumentally large “home,” and then fear everyone who might come within sight of the place! Pity – and prayer: The only rational response to such an untimely, bloated exhibit of ego run amok. May they settle back down to earth and stop this insanity.

Karen Simons


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