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War for GOP’s soul

There is a war for the soul of the Republican Party in Montana. Responsible Republicans have shown leadership with conservative solutions and is the path I hope voters take on June 3.

Option 2 is a Montana Republican Party fueled by dark money, emulating Washington, D.C., gridlock, the party of no, guns on campuses and shooting drones.

The state of Montana is in the enviable financial position with a structurally balanced budget and a $350 million ending fund balance.

Montana is one of a few states that addressed their overdue bills from the Great Recession without raising taxes.

Responsible Republicans working within the constraints of the legislative system and the guidelines outlined by the Montana Constitution have been able to cut taxes, fund a world class K-12 school system, freeze tuition at our universities, fairly pay our hardworking state employees and build infrastructure, all while maintaining a balanced budget.

Government in Montana has grown at a pace less than population growth plus inflation since 1993, much less than the growth of wages because responsible Republicans have made hard choices and set priorities.

The 2015 session of the Montana Legislature will feature some big issues that need reflection and hard work.

To grow our economy we must address the issues of income tax simplification/lower rates, working with our health care providers to reform Medicare and Medicaid, property tax reappraisal, workers’ compensation system changes, meeting Montana’s expanding infrastructure needs and getting more federal logs on trucks.

Responsible Republicans have worked hard to deliver a Montana that is a great place to live, work and play. Many primary races provide a choice for the voter, D.C. style gridlock or a hardworking team looking for solutions to make government work. If the Legislature fails to function, the bureaucracy will govern.

Sen. Bruce Tutvedt


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