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Promises not kept

It was interesting to read of the morality of the current White House in a letter in March. He got us out of the futile war of Iraq, leaving about 10,000 155mm warheads, each with a gallon of Sarin gas capable of killing 10,000 people. These, originally 20,100, were transferred to Afghanistan and Al Qaida where the 10,000 or so were destroyed at Tora Bora.

The car industry has been bailed out before by the taxpayers. The question here is have they really paid back the taxpayer or not? If so, where is the proof?

The White House did not eliminate Osama Bin Laden, it only gave approval to the many special ops men who had been practicing for months. The most highly trained warriors, DEVGRU, planned and executed a fine operation and produced the corpse of the most wanted man in the world. The fact is that Ayman Zawahiri fingered Bin Laden (to the CIA?) because he wanted to head Al Qaeda and so wanted him dead. These two were behind the attacks against the U.S. and Coalition troops with the WMDs that Saddam had hidden out and transferred to Al Qaeda.

The first gas attack occurred in April 2003 and there have been more than 600 reported attacks since, all of which have been downplayed by said White House and the media. This was exposed by leaks by a service man and Wiki. Bin Laden was the money man and Zawahiri was the brains in converting the 155mm shells to usable WMDs.

What is going to happen when Al Qaeda finds another brain and another financier? Remember they still have 10,000 of those warheads.

Unemployment has decreased because of those leaving the lists. What are the actual unemployed numbers? Fifteen, 18 or 20 percent? Most new jobs listed are part time due to the many policies forced upon business by this administration. Is small business a criminal activity that needs to be crushed and punished for believing in free enterprise?

The economy? Has no one noticed the rise in prices of everything? Have you noticed that plans to ship oil through pipelines has been quashed at the cost of thousands of jobs? Where are the jobs that can support a family? Why are there plans to cut the military when everybody and their brother wants to destroy this country and its stand on freedom and individual liberty?

Health care? How long until it implodes from devouring trillions of worthless dollars? Promises? Harrumph!

Keith Babcock


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