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War on environment

Steve Daines is upset. President Obama made a vitally important decision to bypass a do-nothing Congress and limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing coal plants with EPA rulemaking. 

This is a desperate move by President Obama to limit global warming, which will raise sea levels enough to swamp coastal cities, turn America’s food belt in the West into a desert, while drenching the rest of the nation, and disrupt our ecosystem so dangerously that species will become extinct at a rate that has happened only a handful of times in our planet’s history.

But Steve Daines and many of his fellow Republicans say Obama has declared a “war on coal.” 

Rich people own the coal mines and oil fields. Nobody owns the sun or the wind, the sources of renewable energy that Obama’s rule would steer us toward.

Steve Daines has the back of the billionaires financing his campaign.  Obama is doing what is desperately needed to save the rest of us. Maybe we should thank Obama and tell Steve Daines to take a long hike with his billionaire friends.

Wade Sikorski


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