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Memories of Billings

The recent articles about falling rocks from the Rims [Outpost, May 15] and the 100th anniversary of the Billings Motorcycle Club reminded me of when I was a teenager, still new to Billings, in the summers of 1948 and ’49. My two younger brothers, Lee and John, and a couple of neighbor guys and I would hike from our homes, by the West Parkway truck stop, to the fairgrounds. We would climb up a crack on the face of the Rims that we called “Devil’s Kitchen” and hike west on the ledge, just under the top of the Rims, to the cave west of Zimmerman Trail and then cut across country back home. Think the Devil’s Kitchen rock must have fallen years ago.

On one of those hikes, we crossed the Yellowstone River on the old bridge and hiked up the ridges where the Billings Motorcycle Club hill climb is. At the very highest point of the ridges, we came across a long pile of rocks with a stick cross on one end of the rocks, held together by what looked like a rawhide thong.

Alongside of what we decided must be a grave, was a skeleton of what we took to be the bones of a mid-sized dog that must have died there guarding his master. We didn’t disturb anything and just had a great slide down the hill and hiked home. With all the activity in that area over the years, I have often wondered if the grave was still visible.

Just a couple of memories of Billings history.

Harold Kelso


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