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Lewis puts Montana first

During the first debate, one thing that John Lewis mentioned was that he has received campaign donations from every county in Montana. Not only have all 56 counties supported Lewis’ campaign, but he has also traveled to all of them to meet with community leaders and listen to their individual, local concerns. This is truly a Montana home-grown campaign.

On the other hand, Ryan Zinke’s campaign finance concerns me. It’s no small secret that Zinke benefits greatly from Special Operations for America, a super PAC that Zinke himself founded. On top of his questionable PAC money, Zinke has spent much of his time raising money in California, Florida, Texas, and from large out-of-state corporations that don’t have Montana’s best interests in mind. 

I understand that today’s elections are going to draw money from outside of the state, but it seems to me that Ryan Zinke is more focused on out-of-state money than he is on Montana. I know that John Lewis will put the people of his home state first just as he has done so far in his campaign.

Karole Lee


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