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Democrats better for growth

I recently Googled “stock market results under Democrats and Republicans.”

Every source that came up verified the same conclusion.

Then, I searched for the historical growth of national debt to compare the two parties. Everything below can easily be verified online, and I encourage readers to do so.

Between 1929 and 2008, D’s and R’s had nearly 40 years of presidency each. If someone invested $10,000 (S&P Index) only during the GOP years, it would have grown to only $11,733. Exclude Herbert Hoover’s reign, and the number increases to $51,211.

Compare those numbers to $300,671. That is the Democratic total, resulting from a compound rate of 8.9 percent. Since 2008, the market has rebounded under another Democrat, erasing the losses of the Bush era.

Regarding the “Gross Federal Debt,” the following percentages represent the “increase” in debt during the tenure of each president:

Reagan – 218 percent; Bush – 55 percent; Clinton – 37 percent; Bush W. – 86 percent; Obama – 34 percent.

The debt-to-GDP ratio is a better measure of economic health than raw debt figures alone. Under the five Democratic presidents from Truman through Clinton, ALL reduced public debt as a share of GDP whereas the last four Republican presidents ALL oversaw an increase in the USA’s indebtedness (Wikipedia, Economist Mike Kimel).

Finally, 42 million jobs were created in the last six terms with a Democratic president in charge, 18 million more than Republicans produced in their last seven terms. Lately, Republicans have kept millions out of work trying to put one man out of a job!

Dave Klarich


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We can trust Tooley

I am sure we are tired and frustrated with all the political attack ads in the media and look forward to voting and putting election day behind us.

That’s why this is not an attack letter. I am writing in support of Chuck Tooley, who is running for Public Service commissioner. Chuck is a man of professionalism, objectivity, intelligence and integrity. As Billings’ longest serving mayor, Chuck was an example of level-headed leadership under challenging conditions.

As mayor, he was directly involved in regulating the Public Utilities Division. He understands energy issues. One of his sterling qualities is being able to evaluate all the facts from all sides in a professional, calm and fair manner.

Chuck Tooley doesn’t hold the record of Billings’ longest serving mayor by accident. Voters believed in him because they trusted and respected him and his expertise. It is a breath of fresh air to know that, as Montana residents and consumers, we can truly trust Chuck Tooley to protect and represent us.

The Public Service Commission is a five-member board that regulates private utilities such as electric, telephone, gas, sewer and water companies. The PSC has been in the headlines recently due to dissension amongst its commissioners. Chuck Tooley is the right choice for professional, calm, fair leadership of the PSC.

I have known Chuck Tooley for over 28 years. Let’s not miss our opportunity to elect Chuck Tooley on Nov. 6, 2012.

Nancy Swanson


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Supporting Gillan

I am supporting Kim Gillan for Congress. Kim has been a friend of my family for many years. She is truly concerned for the well-being of the middle class, including small business owners and wage earners.

Kim stood up against gender discrimination when she opposed using gender to set insurance rates and retirement plan benefits. National studies show that women pay higher rates when gender is used to determine premiums.

In her 16 years as a Montana legislator, Kim Gillan has approached leadership with trusted statesmanship and a willingness to listen and work with lawmakers on both side of the aisle.

Examples of this are the innovative graduated driver’s license bill that passed with broad-based support and the recent anti-bullying bill. While serving on the taxation committee, Kim demonstrated her ability to get things done with a clear understanding of the economics that make a healthy economy.

We need someone in Washington who understands the needs of hard-working Montanans and will work for us. Kim Gillan is the working family’s choice for U.S. Congress.

Ed Logan


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Bullock for governor

Why support Steve Bullock for governor? There are a number of reasons that make Steve Bullock a clear choice for Montana’s next governor.

Steve is raising his daughters in the same Montana community he grew up in. He knows the importance of looking out for our kids. That’s why he’s put more cops on the street and online to keep our kids safe. That’s why he’s worked as attorney general to support after school programs and help prevent prescription drug abuse. Steve will be a champion for quality public education finding ways to improve our schools through equitable funding formulas without dismantling the current system.

His opponent Rick Hill has said that he’ll take our tax dollars from public education and give them to private, for-profit schools, and supports closing schools in rural communities. In Congress, he voted to cut $137 million from Montana schools. He sat on the board of directors of a major insurance company when they cut health care coverage for hundreds of kids in Montana while approving a CEO compensation package of over $1.4 million.

We need a governor that will put the education and health of Montana’s children first. Vote for Steve Bullock and John Walsh.

Connie Keogh


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Vote for Democrats

The Sept. 27 issue of the Outpost was fascinating! The front-page story by Sharie Pyke, about the Democratic candidate for governor, Steve Bullock was well done. Steve expressed a willingness to work with both parties and noted specific collaborative bills that passed. It showed his genuine spirit of cooperation.

In contrast, on the letters page, there were letters from Shirley McDermott, Jim Reno, Roy Brown, and Brad Johnson that illustrated perfectly the Republican anti-environmental protection, anti-regulation, pro-corporate attitudes of the New Republican Party! They won’t cooperate with anybody. Just like Congress.

In Billings, we must elect Wanda Grinde and other Democrats to the Montana Senate. I hope the good people of the Heights in Billings will all vote for her because Wanda understands the dangers of unregulated corporate campaign contributions to political campaigns.

The last Montana Legislature that met in Helena in January 2011, was dominated by right wing extremists who were advised by ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, a nationwide organization of international corporations who work with conservative legislators all over the country to introduce new laws in state legislatures.

These are bad laws designed to reduce corporate regulation, suppress voting, privatize schools, gut environmental protections and further reduce gun restrictions. Nationwide more than 200 of these laws have passed, including the “Stand your ground” law, as well as several voting restriction laws.

We need to be very careful to elect Montana legislators who will stand up to that extremist corporate agenda. This November election is not a good time to split your vote. Vote for all Democrats this time!

Joan Hurdle


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SB 423: bad idea

There seems to be much confusion over Senate Bill 423. Senate Bill 423 is Montana’s Marijuana Act, put into place by the 2011 Legislature. SB423 is a bill that repealed and replaced voter Initiative 148, which was approved by 62% of Montana Voters in 2004.

SB 423 is not medical marijuana regulation, as supporters of this bill would like you to believe. SB 423 makes no mention of medical marijuana; the program is now called the Montana Marijuana Program. Participants in this program are no longer called patients, but “registered card holders.”

SB 423 has no state oversight, meaning that production and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes is not regulated or overseen by any state department, agency or regulatory committee. The Department of Health and Human Services simply issues cards and sets administrative rules and fees. It does not oversee any regulatory aspect of the program. In fact, SB 423 even bans labs and testing facilities, allowing no testing or any type of quality control.

After the governor vetoed a full repeal bill, SB 423 was thrown together in the last few weeks of the legislative session. The goal, to come as close to eliminating the program as the Legislature could get. SB 423 punishes and penalizes those who try to participate.

SB 423 limits providers, formerly called caregivers, to two patients and does not allow them to be compensated in any way. They must grow and give away their product for free. SB423 actually creates a widely distributed system of production (lots of small growers) and eliminates all professional organizations that could actually be subject to strict regulations. Basically this is a “hippy system” of unregulated masses growing their own, as opposed to any kind of controlled regulatory system.

SB 423 allows for warrantless searches of any place marijuana is grown, including private residences. This is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article II, Section 11, of the Montana Constitution. It also bans all forms of advertising, a clear violation of the freedom of speech.

It mandates all participants in the program be disclosed to law enforcement. Cardholders who are pulled over by law enforcement can be forced to submit a blood sample, simply because they participate in the program.

SB423 interferes with the Doctor / Patient relationship by forcing doctors to limit their recommendations for medical marijuana to 25 patients per year, or face a costly investigation by the medical board of examiners.

SB 423 will leave well over 5,400 current cardholders without a provider. If these cardholders cannot grow their own medicine, (and many people cannot grow for themselves for numerous reasons), they will no longer be able to participate in the program and forced to give up their card.

Supporters of SB423 claim this law is more in line with the voter’s original intent in 2004. The voters definitely intended for participants to be able to legally obtain medical marijuana. SB 423 doesn’t even allow participants to do that.

Overturning SB 423 in the November election isn’t about going backward. Voting against SB 423 sends a clear message to our Legislature that Montanans want to move forward toward reasonable, workable regulation that can benefit the people the voters intended to help in 2004.

Elizabeth Pincolini


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