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Enjoyed column

I enjoyed Roger Clawson’s article “Of Turtles, Creationists and Global Warming” [Outpost, Feb. 2] and I think the elderly woman had it about as right as possible or probable. It may be that it’s turtles all the way down!

The Outpost is great!

June Trees



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Pollution stays here

In the Jan. 13 Montana Standard, Bud Clinch, executive director of the Montana Coal Council, claims to be ignorant of plans to ship large quantities of Powder River Basin coal through Montana cities by rail. He overlooks recent news stories.

1. Arch Coal has applied for a port at Longview, Wash., for 60 million tons per year. From Otter Creek or elsewhere in the Powder River Basin, it can be shipped through Montana. By Mr. Clinch’s calculations, that’s 11-12 trains per day, not his fewer than four.

2. Ambre, an Australian firm, recently purchased a mine in the basin, and is invested in a proposed coal export port in Washington. How many trains, Mr. Clinch?

3. The Signal Peak mine in Musselshell County, one-third owned by foreigners, is switching from domestic to export sales, through Montana cities of course. More trains.

4. Peabody, another multinational, is applying for another port in Washington, 48 million tons, 10 more trains every day.

The coal and the profits go overseas. The polluted air and water, the holes in the ground, the traffic jams – they all stay here. These companies, foreign and domestic, are happy to “externalize” these costs and dump them onto the public. Once they have invested in ports and mines, it will be too late to address the problems and costs they will impose on Montana communities. We need to demand NOW, before it is all a done deal, that the coal companies and railroads pay to prevent delays and pollution.

Mary E. Fitzpatrick



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Unhappy in the Heights

I just read that the city’s new plan for the Heights is an “overpass over Sixth Avenue”! How is that going to ease traffic in the Heights? Wasn’t that the reason for the “Bench Connector Road?” That road is always jam-packed at rush hour because it’s only one lane each way! Plus it took forever to get home from wrestling last weekend because it goes by MetraPark.

When is the city going to get it? We need another road other than Main Street (two or three lanes) to get in and out of the Heights.

I have a great solution! Just build a bridge from “Hawthorne to the Highway,” so I don’t have to turn at the “Lockwood” Exit and 60. All the way back to Main Street to get home.

Susan Tate



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Republicans sound like Hoover

These Republican candidates for President all sound like Herbert Hoover.

Paul Krugman says Hoover advocated curing the Great Depression by reducing the deficit and cutting taxes. Sound familiar?

Hoover was a great man, but he was just plain wrong. And so are all the Republican candidates today.

That formula simply does not work as anyone who knows the Great Depression can tell you. Does anyone think these Republican candidates should be allowed to lead our country during the biggest recession since the Great Depression?

God have mercy on America if they do.

Tom Towe



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A modest proposal

A modest proposal: Congress, you can do something by simply doing nothing. I, for one, would be happy for you to sit on your hands and allow ALL the Bush tax cuts to expire. This alone will make $3.3 trillion (Congressional Budget Office) available for rebuilding our infrastructure (education, energy, roads, rural broadband).

Tax dollars from ALL of us to help save our county will be more than returned in the form of jobs. These dollars also will be more than returned in the increased spending on our country and our future rather than being squirreled away in offshore bank accounts or invested in offshore ventures.

We are in this together and ALL of us want/need to participate. If an uncontrollable urge persists for tax cuts then we could construct a NEW temporary tax cut bill for, say, the middle class and allow current politicians to vote their conscience (and we could watch them vote, hopefully, FOR us so we in turn could vote for them).

Carl Brenden



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