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Gillan for U.S. House


It has been 12 years that we have had a Do-Nothing person in the U.S. House of Representatives and now it is time to put someone like Kim Gillan in that office who will respond to and support the little guy and is willing to work on both sides of the aisle.

Kim Gillan has been able to prove that when she was in the state Senate and Legislature she was willing to work in a bipartisan fashion. Kim has the experience, leadership, common sense and legislative skills to do so. Kim supports the Affordable Care Act for people to have health insurance by 2014. She also fully supports a woman's right to choose whether or not to bear a child or to terminate an unplanned pregnancy.

Kim will be emphasizing her legislative record of working with Democrats and Republicans to pass bills and budgets on things that matter to all Montanans, not just the wealthy rich Republicans. Furthermore, Kim says the tax cut for those earning more than $250,000 or $500,000 a year should be ended.

I hope you will look at all the things that Kim Gillan has done for senior citizens, people on Medicare or Medicaid and give her your support by voting for her in November.

Ron Kuneff


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Tooley best qualified


No one is better prepared for the job of Public Service Commissioner than Chuck Tooley. He is ready to start this job on the very first day! He has prepared for this position with all of his life’s experiences, and Montana is fortunate that he is willing to take this job.

Chuck’s priority is to accomplish tasks set before the commission protecting Montana consumers. There will be civility in all his dealings with other commissioners, staff and those approaching the Commission. Chuck does not see the Montana Public Service Commission as a place for  personal aggrandizement; it is a position of public trust and “service.” Service means getting necessary work done for others to Chuck. Please check his many outstanding recommendations on his website:

Billings knows well Chuck’s talent for conducting business with civility. As the longest serving mayor of Billings, he is a practiced navigator of disagreements with courtesy and  concern for all points of view. In his dealings with citizens Chuck was ever the gentleman listening to concerns of all who came before him. During his time in the mayor’s position, Chuck regulated public utilities. He has worked for Mountain Bell Telephone, a regulated industry, so he knows both sides of regulation.   But communication is Chuck’s lifelong talent, practiced to perfection. Be sure to mark your ballot for the Public Service Commission choice of Chuck Tooley! You will be pleased with his work to make the PSC a functioning, effective agency for Montana.

Bonnie Eldredge


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Backing Rick Hill


I am supporting Rick Hill for governor because I am concerned about the business climate in the state of Montana. 

Montana is the Treasure State. We have been blessed with all the natural resources: timber, minerals, water, oil, coal, and gas. But we cannot turn those resources into jobs and revenue because of the Democratic Party, the Democratic controlled Land Board, the environmentalists and their platform that kills business and jobs. All this under the guise of “saving the environment.”

Let’s save our businesses and jobs and elect Rick Hill as governor, who has the wisdom, and common sense to get the job done for the benefit of all Montanans - and the environment.

Judy Crabtree Trenka


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Battling political bullies


Last month, on the Interstate highway between Gold Creek and Drummond, transporting a fellow Montanan to Seattle to attend to her daughter's dying, I changed a flat right front tire on my car. The new Michelin had a quarter-inch slit in its sidewall.

I kidded with a passing trucker, friendly enough to stop, even after he said he’d not have taken the trouble, had he seen the Obama 2008 bumper-sticker I got with the car, bought used two years ago. But, when we stopped to buy a replacement tire in Missoula, another customer kept staring over my shoulder at the bumper sticker, saying, "You can't be serious.”  He aggressively stuck his face into mine as I walked past into the tire store. 

I'm not a bumper sticker kind of person, so maybe this happens all the time, but I don't like it. I've resisted bullying in school, on the job, and in the military. Bullying creates the atmospherics for a small clique to do any outrageous thing they please to or about someone, without being challenged by the cowed. 

Obama lost in Montana, after fielding 80 paid staffers; there’s now one, and our folksy Gov. Schweitzer tells us our president has no chance in his state. Obama stickers are hard to get; there’s none at Montana’s State Democratic Headquarters. Who says bullying doesn't work? Yet, I’m pushing back, with a double-stickered O’Bamobile. 

John B. Driscoll


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Hoover Republicans?


President Hoover was afraid to commit the government to the things that were necessary to pull us out of the Great Depression; he was afraid government would get too big. (Does that sound familiar?)

It took President Roosevelt more than eight years to pull us out of the depression in the 1930s, and he had the ability to get the government to act. President Obama has been at it for less than four years, with an uncooperative Congress. He has made amazing progress, especially in producing over 4 million new jobs in these troubled times. We must not be impatient.

Not only was the 2008 Recession the worst since the depression of the 1930’s but some say it may have been just as bad, if not worse, if Obama and Geitner and Paulson had not acted quickly with the bailouts, the TARP moneys, the stimulus, etc. This Week magazine says there is a remarkable consensus among economists on both the left and the right that the Obama stimulus was good. Some are proclaiming it a miracle.

Yet Republicans, especially Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, say Obama is a failure and we need a change.

They argue tax cuts are needed instead. Not one single economist with first rate credentials from the nation’s top universities could be found to agree with them.

Do we really want the Hoover Republicans to take charge in the middle of this crisis? Haven’t we learned anything from history? Heaven help us and the economy if those who think like Hoover take over.

Tom Towe


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Re-elect Tester


Recently I read a piece in the Gazette about how, supposedly, minimum wage hurts teen employment. The writer advocated for lowering  or eliminating the minimum wage.

Nearly 90 percent of workers receiving minimum wage are 20 years old or older, according to the Economic Policy Institute. One only has to visit a few retail establishments to realize that some of these folks are senior citizens, too.

In fact, Montana ranks fourth in the nation for the number of people holding down two or more jobs to make ends meet.

Higher teen unemployment is not the result of minimum wage, but a symptom of the current economy. More people are settling for the minimum wage jobs that used to be done by teens in the absence of better paying jobs. This group includes single moms, college students and senior citizens. Lowering minimum wage will not put food on the table for working moms, supplement pensions for seniors or re-pay student loans.

Dennis Rehberg has continually voted against federal minimum wage increases. That is one more reason I am voting for Jon Tester for the U.S. Senate. Steve Bullock led the campaign to increase Montana’s minimum wage in 2006. He has earned my vote too.

Ed Logan


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