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More Democrats needed

Recently House Republicans decided that the Farm Bill and the Veterans’ Jobs bill could wait until after the election. Shame on them. This is more hypocrisy about caring about jobs and veterans. Jon Tester has a proven record that he cares about both.

Karl Rove and his crossroads GPS have inundated our airwaves with negative and misleading ads against Democrats. The Gazette has endorsed Republicans without considering the facts. Our national debt was created by Republicans and so was the Wall Street financial crisis with deregulation, greed and leveraged buyouts. Now they say they are concerned about debt!

Romney made his billions by using debt for personal profit. While at Bain Capital, he bought companies, loaded them with debt, charged huge consulting fees until the companies went bankrupt. Jobs were shipped to China. He says he is a job creator — yes, jobs for the Chinese! Look up what happened to KB Toys, Hertz, Del Monte and others. Romney then hid his money overseas and he still won’t share his tax returns with us. What is he hiding?

Our state Republican candidates say they have a plan for Montana. Their plan is the agenda of ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council. After attending Boot camp, state legislators submit bills WRITTEN by ALEC.

ALEC is nor a registered lobby, yet it is funded by large corporations such as Koch Industries. These laws are our Castle Law, laws on tort reform that limit liability of drug companies, voter ID laws, right to work (for less) laws and laws to block environmental protection.

Rick Hill’s plan echoes ALEC’s agenda: privatize education, stop public employee collective bargaining and, privatize Public Employee and Teacher retirement systems. Rehberg, Steve Daines and Hill want government to “get out of the way.” Think deregulation of Montana Power. These are code words for corporate profit at the expense of the public good. Vote DEMOCRATIC!

Ann Walters


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Voting for Gillan

I am writing to express my support for Kim Gillan as Montana’s U.S. representative. Since we only have one representative in Congress, we need someone who will stick with Montana’s needs, and not succumb to special interests, especially out-of-state corporations and wealthy individuals. As a state senator, Kim did not let her constituents down, and she won’t as our next U.S. representative.

Her opponent, Steve Daines, is a political neophyte. He touts his business experience, but that is all he seems to have. There is a lot more to representing Montana to the U.S. government than running a business. Mr. Daines appears to be already under the influence of the Republican leadership in D.C., especially John Boehner, the speaker of the House. Rep. John Boehner has obstructed legislation that would have aided Montana’s businesses and workers and reduced the national debt. By electing Daines, Montanans will have sent yet another willing minion for Boehner’s pursuit of congressional gridlock. Montana’s real interests would be forgotten.

What happens in D.C. has large results in Montana. Let’s be sure those results favor our state, not political insiders. That’s why I am voting for Kim Gillan as my U.S. representative. I hope you will, too.

Ann Buss


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Judges support McKinnon

As state District Court judges from central and eastern Montana, we endorse Laurie McKinnon as our pick for the Montana Supreme Court. Judge McKinnon is currently a District Court judge for Glacier, Toole, Pondera and Teton Counties. Judge McKinnon tries numerous cases, writes well-reasoned opinions and is fair and courteous.

Perhaps most importantly, Judge McKinnon would be the only District Court judge on the Supreme Court, which would bring a unique perspective to difficult decisions. She has been in the trenches and has invaluable legal experience as a judge.

Judge McKinnon follows the law and understands the role of the judicial branch. She leaves the important job of making laws to the Legislature. Please join us and approximately 20 other District Court judges across Montana and consider Judge Laurie McKinnon for the Montana Supreme Court — we believe all Montanans will be well-served by her experience.

Judge G. Todd Baugh

Judge E. Wayne Phillips

Judge Russell C. Fagg

Judge Richard Simonton

Judge Blair Jones

Judge Nels Swandal

Judge Joe L. Hegel

Judge Gregory R. Todd

Judge Mary Jane Knisely

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Vote for LR-121

On Nov. 6 Montana voters can demonstrate their concern about illegal immigration by voting “FOR” Legislative Referendum LR-121 to deny many state-taxpayer funded benefits and services to illegal aliens.

During the 2011 session our Legislature passed HB 638 which placed LR-121 on the ballot. As the state representative who sponsored this bill, I want to explain why you should help me enact LR-121 with your “FOR” vote.

There are many illegal aliens in Montana. Reports from around the state of law enforcement encounters with illegals are further testimony. A brief article in the April 2, 2010, Billings Gazette mentioned arrests in the preceding weeks by Border Patrol officers based in Havre of 20 illegal aliens hailing from Poland, Iraq, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico.

The U.S. Attorney for Montana prosecutes a steady stream of immigration violators, primarily people who have re-entered the U.S. illegally after being deported previously. In 2009, about 6.5 percent of the sentences for criminal convictions reported were for illegal re-entries. This same year one-third of the U.S. Attorney cases for Wyoming involved illegal aliens.

Although the illegal immigration problem is still smaller in Montana, we should learn from the mistakes of other states that waited until it was too late to act.

In 1990 Georgia had approximately 35,000 illegal aliens, about half of one percent of Georgia’s 6.5-million population. In 2010, according to the 2011 Pew Hispanic Center reports Georgia had about 425,000 illegal aliens of all nationalities.

In the 1990’s Georgians probably thought, “This could cost too much and the problem is just in the southwest border states like Texas and California.” So they ignored this problem until their illegal-alien population became Texas and California-sized. Due to their inaction, Georgia now spends more than $2 billion annually on public benefits for families headed by illegal aliens according to the Forum for American Immigration Reform.

Consequences for inaction in states with illegal immigration problems are legislative battles dividing the state, and litigation by our own federal government which is failing in every aspect of enforcing the rule of law regarding illegal immigration.

Liberal legislative critics and left leaning entities like the ACLU who oppose LR-121 complain about the cost of implementing this referendum. They almost never consider the costs of doing nothing. They do not seem to realize there are only a few ways for illegal aliens to live illegally in Montana and two of them are living off Montana’s state benefits and taking our jobs.

No state agency testified against HB638 during the legislative hearings and their cost estimate for complying with LR-121 was zero. If LR–121 passes our state agencies will be able to do the due diligence necessary to protect Montana citizens. This process will save our tax dollars with the side benefit of discouraging illegal aliens from having a presence in Montana. For the sake of Montana’s future generations, please vote “FOR” LR-121.

Rep. David Howard

Park City

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Daines will fight for taxpayers

On Oct. 2 I attended a debate between Steve Daines and Kim Gillan. No fewer than 20 college age young people, wearing the Daines T-shirt, plus many of us older ones, claimed victory for Steve. He presented his platform of protecting the military budget, the unborn, the freedom to develop our resources and creating more jobs. He believes that there will be no need to raise taxes because there will be thousands of more taxpayers in Montana. This is a man fully qualified for a seat in Congress, plus he is a man of integrity.

Sharon Hummel


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Values unite us

Montana has a long, successful history of thoughtful political and conservation leaders who have been a force against interests that would destroy our outdoor heritage. Steve Bullock has bravely defended access to public lands and waters and Pam Bucy defended our stream access law in front of the Montana Legislature as well as promoting large blocks of great fish and wildlife habitat open to all. Montana sportsmen have appreciated Kim Gillan’s demonstrated hard work in defending our Montana outdoor heritage. Sen. Jon Tester’s recent Sportsmen Act of 2012 will be the first piece of Legislation taken up by the U.S. Senate when it convenes in November.

Our unique outdoor traditions are an expression of who we are as Montanans. Our ability to hunt, fish, camp and enjoy the outdoors are fundamental values for citizens. Conservation of our basic outdoor resources is essential to our state’s economic health as it is to providing the setting to raise Montana families. Access to our public land, water and wildlife is the foundation to a huge part of our Montana economy adding dollars to main street businesses.

Our treasured outdoor heritage faces a difficult future. Monied interests are buying vast areas of Montana. The public is being denied access to thousands of acres of public land through illegal road closures. The wildlife, which is owned by the people of Montana, is often concentrated behind private fences secured for the few who have the wealth to buy these estates.  Our wonderful fishing rivers and streams are under constant assault by special interests wishing to keep us out and use our streams for their own use and profit.  A Montanan can look at the legislation pushed forward in our own Legislature; undo our stream access law, pushing roads into important habitat areas and undoing our public land and wildlife conservation systems.

There are core and guiding principles to safeguard this Montana outdoor trust:

• Preserve Second Amendment rights.

• Preserve and enhance access to public lands and waters.

• Manage public owned land, water and wildlife with focus on long term public good, not private profit.

• Sustain and enrich outdoor values.

• Develop natural resources with thoughtful stewardship.

• Manage the public’s wildlife using the non-market, science based principles of the North American Model of Wildlife Management.

• Protect public wildlands with significant wildlife habitat and opportunities for quiet outdoor recreation.

Bullock, Bucy, Gillan and Tester have consistently shown respect for these principles. They protect the backs of Montana hunters and anglers both in Washington and Helena.  Elections make a difference.  If you are an outdoors person whether Democrat, Independent or Republican you had better pay attention to this election and remember we are Montana hunters and anglers, not outside radicals.

John Gibson

J.W. Westman

Mike Penfold

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