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Re-elect Jon Tester

As Montanans, aware of how important agriculture is in our economy, we are fortunate to have Sen. Jon Tester, an intelligent and hardworking farmer, representing us in the U.S. Senate.

I have known him since 1988, when he chaired the Democratic state platform committee on agriculture. His knowledge and concern for the problems of farmers and small business in Montana impressed me then.

His leadership impressed his colleagues in the Montana Senate when they elected him president of the Senate. In the U.S. Senate he has been appointed to several important committees, including Veterans’ Affairs, Appropriations, Banking, Homeland Security and Indian Affairs. A former school board member, he has always supported better public education.

Jon keeps in close touch with his neighbors and constituents in Montana, making frequent trips back to his farm near Big Sandy, talking with individuals and groups. Like a neighbor you can know and trust, Jon Tester talks honestly about his stand on the issues important to people of Montana. We need to re-elect him to the Senate.

Ruth Carrington Birch



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Vote out Rehberg

It is interesting but not surprising how these old retreads con the voters into thinking they are indispensable to good government, even though their conservative and constitutional voting record is barely above 25 percent.

I don’t think Rep. Denny Rehberg has ever seen a spending bill he didn’t like, especially if it’s for more war and expanding the Empire. Did you know we have 1,100 military bases in 68 countries and 31 surrounding Iran? We need to vote him out on June 5.

Why? Because he voted for the “Nazis” Patriot Act, “Nazis” Military Commissions Act, the “Nazis” Real ID bill and the Patriot Act renewal. I call them Nazis, because they are all patterned after Hitler’s Nazi dictatorial government.

But that evidently didn’t knock the Fourth Amendment out enough for Denny, so he voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, which gives the president power to kidnap U.S. citizens off the street for indefinite detention without due process of law. In other words, if he wants to shut you up, you will just disappear.

Plus, the bill included nearly $700 billion for more war (killing, maiming, of mostly women and children and destruction) in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran.

What have these people (countries) ever done to us? That doesn’t seem to matter to 90 percent of our Congress, especially our Senate.

All these yes votes were in violation of his oath of office and yet he wants to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

On June 5 vote for Dennis Teske, a man who will take his oath of office seriously. It’s all about freedom and liberty!

Arthur Hollowell



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Vote for Sam Rankin

A few weeks ago, senators of both parties joined forces so the oil and gas industry could keep its $24 billion in taxpayer subsidies. Those same senators received nearly $24 million in campaign donations from the oil and gas industry.

This is not coincidence. The corruption brought into our political system by special interest PACS and corporate lobbyists caused the financial meltdown.

It is the reason that ammonia-treated pink slime, once considered dog food, is in our burgers. Money corruption is the reason we spend billions on warplanes that don’t work, harmful drugs are fast-tracked to market, undisclosed chemical combinations are fracked into our drinking water and we’re mired in endless war.

The corruption is insidious, born and bred within a campaign finance system that requires constant fundraising. Special interest PACS and corporate lobbyists are happy to contribute, but they want something in return. Our campaign finance system is nothing more than legal bribery. Our representatives have chosen who they will represent long before election day. (It’s not you.)

The only way to end the corruption special interest money has brought to our elections is to elect people who won’t take special interest money. Sam Rankin won’t take bribes. Vote for Sam ( Make him Montana’s congressman, because our country’s problems can never be solved until we eliminate the bribery.

David Scott Smith



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Swear allegiance to people

Just curious. Is Ms. [Kathy] Galbraith (letter to the editor, May 10) aware that not one of our “founding fathers” ever pledged allegiance to the flag? The Constitution was ratified in 1788. The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892, 104 years later, by the Christian socialist (that’s right, “socialist”) Francis Bellamy, primarily for the purpose of selling American flags to public schools. (An envious marketing success, by the way.) “Under God” was added in 1954.

Also, worthy of note: Of the seven “founding fathers,” six were Deists, not Christians (sorry, different God). Only John Jay claimed to be a Christian, while Jefferson amused himself revising the Bible to his own liking.

Also, has it ever occurred to Ms. Galbraith that, as a Christian, she is commanded by the Bible to swear no oaths? Consider James 5:12 and Matthew 5:34.

When one pledges allegiance to anything, person or institution or ideology, one submits to that authority and relinquishes his/her freedom to that authority. Can you truly value freedom, and willingly submit to authority at the same time? And, when one swears allegiance to two or more authorities, which one takes precedence when there are discrepancies? And there will be discrepancies.

Finally, please consider this novel notion: In a TRULY FREE NATION, logic would dictate that the government swear its allegiance to the people, not the other way around. The first essential element of fascism is that the interests of the state take precedence over the interests of the citizen. 

Elliot Smith



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Vote for Democrats

If you are a veteran, senior citizen, a college student, a middle class citizen, on Medicare or Medicaid and are concerned about the economy, you had better be thinking about the party who is going to help you out, starting with President Obama, Sen. [Jon] Tester, the Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, all the state and county offices, the state Senate and state House of Representatives.

The Republican Party hasn’t done anything for the veterans, senior citizens, college students, the middle class American. They want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and student loans.

The Republicans are trying to break up the unions and make this state a right-to-work state. You can see what happened in Wisconsin after the last election.

We have three classes of citizens now: the real rich class, the middle class and the poor. If the Republicans get in office, there will be only two classes of citizens: the real rich and the real poor.

I know a few rich Democrats, but I don’t know any poor Republicans. I hope all you Democratic and Independent voters will join me and vote for all the Democratic candidates.

Ron Kuneff



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Vote for Tooley

I had the great honor and privilege of serving Montanans as a commissioner on the Montana Public Service Commission for three terms 1977-84 and 2003-2006. Serving Montana and its people on the PSC was the most fulfilling experience of my professional career.

Serving on the commission provides a unique opportunity to have a significant, positive impact on the well being of Montana people and on Montana itself. The decisions, reputation and influence of the Montana PSC (positive and negative) extend far beyond its borders - so it is critical that the Montana PSC perform at a high level.

Chuck Tooley has the professional expertise, savvy and leadership to represent Montana with integrity and effectiveness on the Montana PSC.  Montanans deserve a leader of Chuck’s experience and stature to deal effectively with complex utility regulation issues that impact people’s lives, economy and environment so dramatically. Chuck Tooley is the right leader for the Montana PSC – right now!

As a former District 2 commissioner on the Montana PSC, I wholeheartedly support Chuck Tooley to serve as the next commissioner for District 2.

Tom Schneider

Vancouver, Wash.


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