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Not buying Hill’s tax relief

Charlie Brown always talks himself into believing that Lucy will let him kick the football. But as we’ve seen repeatedly in the comics, she always pulls it away at the last second.

Some voters may behave a little like Charlie Brown when they buy into politicians’ rhetoric on property tax reform. Remember when Republican Govs. Racicot and Martz said they were going to cut property taxes if we elected them? Remember how our property taxes went up instead? There may have been tax relief for the richest corporations with headquarters in Fort Worth and Houston and second homes on Flathead Lake, but that actually shifted the tax burden onto Montana’s homeowners and small businesses.

Rick Hill’s plan has the same fatal flaws. Don’t rush over and try to kick that football! Don’t fall for it! Vote for Steve Bullock and keep Montana moving forward.

Blaine Jensen


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Backing Micheletti

I heartily endorse Joan Micheletti, Republican candidate for Yellowstone County commissioner, for the following reasons:

1. No woman has been on the commission for three decades;

2. Joan is articulate, intelligent and a hard worker;

3. As a 48-year resident of Yellowstone County, Joan knows the concerns of its citizens;

4. Joan earned a fine reputation as a music specialist and counselor in Billings’ schools;

5. Joan earned a fine reputation as an astute business owner;

6. She will strive to maintain the credibility, accountability and good will of the Yellowstone County Commission.

Juli Dufresne


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Vote for Fox for healthcare

Attorney general candidate Pam Bucy and her friends are attacking Tim Fox because he wants to stand up for Montanans.

Bucy must think it’s OK that Obamacare will hurt senior citizens with $718 billion in Medicare cuts. Those cuts come from gutting Medicare Advantage and cutting provider reimbursements (at a time when many doctors are already capping or even refusing Medicare patients due to low reimbursement rates).

For all her talk about “consumer protection,” Bucy doesn’t seem to mind that, for the first time in our nation’s history, the federal government is forcing people to purchase a private product.

Bucy doesn’t appear to care that the government’s newly established (and unelected) Independent Payment Advisory Board and the call for using Comparative Effectiveness Research are tools for rationing health care. If you think a government with as much debt as ours won’t need to begin rationing health care at some point, you’re not paying attention.

The attorney general has many jobs, and defending Montanans against these and other assaults is one of them. Tim Fox has my vote.

Loretta Hoines Dell


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Tooley best for PSC

One race that doesn’t get too much attention is the one for Public Service commissioner.

It is very important to pay attention to this one especially if you have an electric bill to pay every month.

Ever since Gov. Marc Racicot and his lieutenant governors, Dennis Rehberg and Judy Martz, sang the deregulation of electricity song in Montana back in the 1990s, the work of a Public Service commissioner became even more important for anyone who uses electricity, hence, all of us. Part of a commissioner’s job is discerning how much it is going to cost to fry your bacon and eggs in the morning, and how much it’s going to cost to turn on the air conditioner in the summer or the heat in the winter. After deregulation, the job got even trickier because a commissioner has to balance both the needs of the consumer’s ability to pay and the electric company’s ability to provide reliable service and earn a fair profit.

I’m supporting Chuck Tooley for Public Service commissioner. He got plenty of experience as mayor of Billings dealing with tough issues and has a proven record for being fair. He’s also been a board member of the Montana Electric and Gas Alliance and is well versed in the myriad of issues. As a bonus, he is a nice guy who is smart and knows how to listen and figure out solutions to problems.

Chuck knows the job of commissioner is not a matter of profits before people but involves both people and profits. Being a Public Service commissioner is a balancing act that I think Chuck could walk. Please join me and vote for Chuck Tooley for Public Service commissioner.

Mary Catherine Dunphy

Miles City

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Voting for Rick Hill

Do you wonder why a political campaign against Rick Hill has a need to attempt to impugn his judgment and intentions by relating to past situations taken out of context with the circumstances at the time? The truth is in understanding his thoroughly considered well organized policies developed for Montana.

Responsible government provides a working environment that allows progress in education, property tax reform, agriculture, energy and natural resources, conservation values, limiting federal over-reach, Second Amendment rights, and protection of the future, all of which will enhance the economy.

Space allows only a sample of many policies. Efficient administration will use priority budgeting by evaluating state programs based on performance. By elimination of certain government interference caused by excessive regulations, energy and natural resources can be more developed with use of new technologies while recognizing conservation values. The revenue would allow for increased funding to revitalize education and give property tax relief.

Additional information pertaining to policies may be found at

Donald Harr


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Democrats better for growth

I recently Googled “stock market results under Democrats and Republicans.”

Every source that came up verified the same conclusion.

Then, I searched for the historical growth of national debt to compare the two parties. Everything below can easily be verified online, and I encourage readers to do so.

Between 1929 and 2008, D’s and R’s had nearly 40 years of presidency each. If someone invested $10,000 (S&P Index) only during the GOP years, it would have grown to only $11,733. Exclude Herbert Hoover’s reign, and the number increases to $51,211.

Compare those numbers to $300,671. That is the Democratic total, resulting from a compound rate of 8.9 percent. Since 2008, the market has rebounded under another Democrat, erasing the losses of the Bush era.

Regarding the “Gross Federal Debt,” the following percentages represent the “increase” in debt during the tenure of each president:

Reagan – 218 percent; Bush – 55 percent; Clinton – 37 percent; Bush W. – 86 percent; Obama – 34 percent.

The debt-to-GDP ratio is a better measure of economic health than raw debt figures alone. Under the five Democratic presidents from Truman through Clinton, ALL reduced public debt as a share of GDP whereas the last four Republican presidents ALL oversaw an increase in the USA’s indebtedness (Wikipedia, Economist Mike Kimel).

Finally, 42 million jobs were created in the last six terms with a Democratic president in charge, 18 million more than Republicans produced in their last seven terms. Lately, Republicans have kept millions out of work trying to put one man out of a job!

Dave Klarich


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