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Give Curtis a chance

To the voters of Montana: If you haven’t voted yet, I’d like you to seriously consider voting for Amanda Curtis. I don’t know her, but the fact she stepped up to the plate on such short notice tells me she’s gutsy.

And if it is someone we need right now it’s someone with guts, not one of those “by the book,” “talking out of both sides of their mouths” politicians. Give the kid a chance.

If I was her campaign manager, rather than put her up against a confirmed politician, I would have scheduled town meetings across the state so the people of Montana could have gotten to really know her, and not listen to some manicured party sound bites.

Let’s give her a chance.

Wally McLane


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Curtis on our side

I support Amanda Curtis for the U.S. House of Representatives because she will represent Montanans.

Amanda Curtis will fight for legislation to protect our right to be in control of our own healthcare decisions. [Steve] Daines voted against that right. Amanda Curtis supports funding to stop domestic violence and supports sexual assault prevention programs; Daines touts his support but then votes for a bill that cut $400 million from the programs’ budgets.

Amanda Curtis supports equal pay for equal work for women; Daines voted five times to block the Paycheck Fairness Act, which guarantees women equal pay for doing the same job.

Daines voted twice to turn Medicare into a voucher system which could force seniors to pay higher premiums. He voted to increase Medicare eligibility from age 65 to age 67.  He twice voted for the proposed budget that repeals Medicare benefit improvements and reopens the prescription drug donut hole.

Daines voted to slash funding for Meals on Wheels, Senior Centers and Family Caregiver Support when these services desperately needed to be increased. The only thing Daines seems to support is big business and tax breaks for corporations sending jobs overseas.

Amanda Curtis supports women and our having equal pay, seniors and our Medicare benefits, keeping jobs in Montana, our Second Amendment gun rights, and a good education for our children. 

A vote for Amanda Curtis is a vote for Montanans!

Jean Smith


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Vote for McNally

Recently I received a flier from the [Tonya] Shellnutt Campaign focusing on “Women to Women.” The piece talked about the candidate’s strong values and looking for solutions, not division. So I Googled the candidate and learned the following.

Tonya has been the volunteer state director of Concerned Women for America. According to that website: the mission of CWA is to protect and promote biblical values among all citizens - first through prayer, then education, and finally by influencing our society - thereby reversing the decline in moral values in our nation. Under the section that introduces the new state director, the Montana Senate candidate states: “Join me as we band together in Montana and across the nation to be the conservative voice that doesn’t waver, compromise, or succumb to apathy.”

Apparently the “solutions, not divisions” only works if you agree with her. I will vote for Mary McNally, and I urge you to support and vote for Mary. She really is about solving problems.

Lisa Larr


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Supporting McNally

Mary McNally is the clear choice for Billings. As a member of the House of Representatives in Montana, she has the necessary experience to continue her excellent work in the Senate. 

She has stood up for the right of Montanans to access public lands, used her experience as a professor of business to help build the economy of Montana and worked hard to listen to the people she represents.

She has been very involved within the Billings community, having spent nearly 30 years as a professor at Montana State University Billings. She lives in the district she represents. McNally has volunteered many hours of her time to organizations and charities throughout Billings, getting to know her constituents along the way.

Mary has shown she works for the people of Billings and all Montanans.  She will continue to bring her experience and passion to the state legislature, working hard for everyday folks.

I urge you to vote for Mary McNally.

Beverly T. Ross


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Voting for Curtis

The Gazette Opinion says: “Montana will benefit from having a businessman in the U.S. Senate.” Then, “Daines started his House term with a string of “no” votes that are concerning … .” One such vote resulted  in the government shutdown.

The cost to the American economy of that shutdown, according to Standard and Poor, was about $24 billion. Not exactly coveted business acumen.

The Gazette says: “In the Senate, compromise will be essential and we believe Daines recognizes that fact.” And, “… he’s not above working to find solutions that will have real-life impact on folks … he’s still trying to work with the (Obamacare) law rather than be an obstructionist.”

About two months ago Daines prefaced a town hall conference call by saying he believed one of the problems with Washington was the lack of willingness to compromise and work together. Asked if he would then be willing to consider that the parts of Obamacare that were working should be maintained and the focus should be on fixing that which didn’t work, he was immediately evasive, but before the end of the conference call, he told everyone that he really felt that Obamacare needed to be repealed.

He favors repealing a bill that helps thousands of Montanans. When will Daines develop this compromise gene? Amanda Curtis is a refreshing candidate and she will represent the people of Montana, all the people. Vote Amanda Curtis for the U.S. Senate!

Chris Purcell


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Speare deserves support

Having spent my career dealing with issues relating to our senior citizens, I have experienced how court decisions can have a lasting impact on our senior population.

For example, decisions relating to estate disputes, elder abuse, landlord tenant issues, fraud, contract disputes, family law and competency hearings are some of the areas that I know will be presented to the next district judge. While both candidates have ample criminal experience, only William Speare has experience in these and other civil areas.

I encourage everyone, especially our senior population, to recognize the relevance of the candidates’ experience and vote for William Speare.

Karen Erdie


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