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Schwartz in running for clerk, surveyor

EDITOR’S NOTE: Clay Schwartz has filed to run on the Republican ticket for Yellowstone County clerk and recorder/surveyor. Here is his edited statement.

Schwartz, a professional land surveyor since 1989, has been the owner of Pinpoint Land Surveys PLLC since 2002.

Schwartz’s business experience and surveying credentials make him an ideal fit for the position. “I have been a professional land surveyor for 23 years and resided in Yellowstone County for 20 years. I have been researching land title issues in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office since well before the internet came along. I understand the indexing system; I know how to find things in that office.” Schwartz says. He adds that his surveying career has given him expertise in analyzing legal descriptions and determining the effects the various recorded documents have on property rights.

Schwartz says his business experience makes him well qualified to handle the administrative functions of the office. “I have 19 years of management experience with 10 years as the owner of Pinpoint Land Surveys. I work with budgets, prepare proposals, attend public meetings on a regular basis and have dealt with employee issues.” Schwartz adds that the people that use the Clerk and Recorder’s Office are the very same people that he has had business dealings with in the past. He also says that his surveying business has allowed him to work with many of the other agencies within the county, including the Planning Department, Public Works Department, county commissioners and County Attorney’s office. “I am not a stranger to that courthouse”, says Schwartz.

Schwartz says that when you add the county surveyor position into the mix, he is the only qualified candidate on the ballot. “State law requires that the county surveyor be a professional engineer or professional land surveyor and be registered by the Montana State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, which requires extensive education, experience and testing. The county was able to sidestep this requirement by consolidating the Surveyor’s office with the Clerk and Recorder by resolution in 2003,” says Schwartz.

Schwartz, originally from Havre, is 52 years old. He has been married for 23 years and together they have a 19-year-old son. He holds a bachelor of science degree from Montana State University and is a registered land surveyor.

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