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Aspen Grove fire starts


Bureau of Indian Affairs
Lightning started the Aspen Grove fire about 2:30 Sunday afternoon. At 7 p.m., the fire
covered about 45 acres on the northeast face of the Bighorns. Three helicopters, five engines,
a skid steer and a squad are working to slow the fire’s spread in grass and a timbered canyon,
above Rotten Grass Creek. The Crow Tribe has been called for dozer support. A water tender
is enroute. The fire grew in dry winds up to 24 mph.
A Temporary Flight Restriction exists around the fire area due to helicopter use and air tanker
retardant drops. Tribal members know that restrictions limit citizens’ travel to the Big Horn and
Pryor Mountains, due to very high fire danger. Predicted weather includes potential lightning
and gusty winds through the night Sunday.
Residents of Wyola put out a grass fire in town about 5 a.m. Sunday morning. Big Horn County
Rural Fire responded.
A storm cell laid a strip of lightning from Pryor toward Hardin midafternoon Saturday. Gusts
blew 46 mph in Bighorn Canyon, and 41 mph near Old US 87 and Pryor Creek. A second storm
at dusk and more Sunday morning and afternoon brought lightning to the top of the Bighorns.
Fire personnel visited camps of families at sun dances at Spear Siding and Pryor, talking about
fire prevention.
Homeowners are doing a good job of preventing fires around homes. This year we have not
had as many fireworks fires or burn barrel fires as some years. That is partly because the Crow
Tribe has banned open burning. It is partly because of YOUR contributions to preventing fires.

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