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Bob Gibson, an information officer for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, disputes several statements that appeared in a Jan. 23 story in the Outpost about Montana’s declining deer population.

First, Mr. Gibson said that quotations were incorrectly attributed to him. He did not speak at the meeting, he said, and the quotes should have been attributed to Shawn Stewart, a wildlife biologist from Red Lodge.

Second, he said that the name of J.W. Westman was misspelled in the story.

Third, he said that the article incorrectly reported that the deer population had been affected by chronic wasting disease. The disease has not been found in Montana’s wild deer population, he said.

Finally, he said the article referred to a six-week hunting season. The season is five weeks long, he said.

The author of the article, Brad Molnar, says the information about chronic wasting disease came from Montana wildlife officials at the meeting and other sources, some of which note that the disease has been found at least in captive deer in Montana. Mr. Molnar noted that the hunting season does cover six weekends.

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