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Johnson runs for PSC

Former Secretary of State Brad Johnson is a candidate for the Public Service Commission, District 5. Here is his edited campaign announcement:

“I look forward to serving the people of Montana in this important role and I am extremely pleased to have the enthusiastic support of Sen. Conrad Burns.” said Johnson. Burns announced his endorsement of Johnson saying: “I have known Brad for a long time and he’s always been an honest, positive professional, a principled conservative and a good leader. He will do a good job for his district and for our state. I urge voters in District 5 to give Brad their vote.”

In addition, Johnson recognized Commission Chairman Bill Gallagher’s decision to remain neutral in the primary race as another example of his leadership and professionalism. 

“Montanans have been well served by current Commissioner Bill Gallagher and I deeply regret that he has chosen not to run again. Under Bill’s leadership, the atmosphere at the commission was transformed from one of turmoil and divisiveness to one of civility and professionalism.

“Chairman Gallagher has personally assured me that he will not endorse a candidate in the primary but that he will enthusiastically support the candidate chosen by Montana Republicans.  I appreciate Bill’s commitment to unity and leadership in this matter.” Johnson concluded.  

“The PSC is a little-appreciated yet vitally important part of Montana’s economic structure. Its mandate is to ensure Montanans and Montana businesses have access to energy, telecommunication, water and sewer and transportation services which are affordable, reliable and sustainable. ...

“Having served Montana as secretary of state and State Land Board Member, combined with my success as small business owner, make me uniquely qualified to serve in this important office. The PSC is a quasi-judicial body which must adjudicate requests and complaints that come before it in a professional, equitable and unbiased manner and I have demonstrated that I possess the leadership skills and judicial temperament required to be an effective commissioner,” he added.

“The privilege of serving as your secretary of state was one of greatest of my life and my heartfelt commitment to continue serving the people of Montana remains undiminished. That is why I have decided to seek election to the Montana Public Service Commission in 2014.”

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