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Land use restricted

Bureau of Reclamation has implemented motor vehicle restrictions to specific Reclamation lands along the Yellowstone River near Huntley.  The gated restriction area is located off of Creekmore Road and is southwest of Huntley.

“Access to the area by foot will continue to be allowed, but motor vehicle access will be limited due to the large amount of off-road vehicle damage to natural resources and other unauthorized uses.  Restricting vehicular access will allow the area time to regenerate and deter the unauthorized use,” said Jeff Baumberger, Supervisory Resource Specialist. 

Motor vehicle travel across open country, especially with soggy soils, is particularly damaging as native vegetation is destroyed and weed infestations will begin.

The section of bottomland also receives large amounts of trash left onsite from gatherings and bonfires. Graffiti is also becoming an issue on the sandstone bluffs overlooking the restricted area.

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