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Syria decision tests Obama’s ability to lie

President Barack Obama has been gnawing his fingernails and shuffling his feet, trying to decide which course to take in Syria: bombs falling from the sky, boots on the ground, choppers in the air or network newsmen embedded in personnel carriers.

My best advice is: Any decision apt to lead to the death of 10,000 Americans or 100,000 enemy babies, tots, teens, parents, grandmas, grandpas and cousins should probably be left undecided.

Obama is in no danger no matter how he decides. Like most lame ducks, he is practically bullet proof. Many congressmen, however, are loading up for the primaries, ready to announce their support or opposition to the latest war.

George Washington rode to Western Virginia with Alexander Hamilton at his side and 10,000 troops behind him. The president who could not tell a lie put down the Whiskey Rebellion.

No, the rebels were not drunk. They were raising corn, distilling whiskey and trying to sell it to the East Coasters. The problem was, no one had any money. No dollars, no quarters, nickels or dimes. Thanks to Hamilton, secretary of the Treasury, the tax on whiskey just kept rising. The hillbillies of Western Virginia cursed the secretary, but he didn’t care. He had a friend with 10,000 troops on his side.

President George W. Bush lacked Washington’s inability to lie.

Bush Jr. was a firecracker of a liar. Rather than stand his ground, he would climb a tree and let loose a whopper.

With the help of Dick Cheney, DubbaYou would dream up the finest Texas stretchers, full of yellow cake, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear arsenals and such like.

When Obama ran against Hillary Clinton, she claimed she did not know Bush was lying. Now, there’s an Arkansas stretcher that beats the blessing out of Bush’s Lone Star fibs.

Bush and Clinton may have bent the truth, but they did not invent prevarication. LBJ could spin one as easy as drawing breath. The Johnson tale of a Vietnamese attack on American ships in the Tonkin Gulf would have satisfied even Dick Cheney. Johnson plunged into the roiled waters of Southeast Asia and surfaced with a death toll of 65,000 American GIs.

John F. Kennedy inherited a small piece of the Vietnam War from President Eisenhower. Kennedy’s friends, family and cronies swear JFK was about to pull our troops out of Vietnam when he was assassinated. 

B.S. Or, as Johnson would say, @#$%^!

If your nature is bellicose and you are spoiling for a good war, fear not.  Montana has always been anti-war but just can’t stay that way. Montanans opposed our entry into World War I and World War II.

But, once war was declared, we embraced those conflicts. We supported Vietnam for a time, buying the Domino Theory and believing the Commies would soon march through Nebraska to invade Montana and Wyoming. But eventually we grew our hair long and joined the chorus with Country Joe and the Fish. Remember, “What are we fighting for?”

* * *

Judge G. Todd Baugh caught his share of flak this past week after giving a   56-year-old teacher a 30-day sentence for the rape of a high school student.  Baugh said the girl participated in the rape and was “older than her chronological age.

When the county attorney, attorney general and all other players indicated they would take the case to the State Supreme Court, Baugh said he would hold his own hearing on Friday.

Friday arrived as this was being written. Minutes before this hearing was due to start, the Montana Supreme Court issued an order calling for Baugh to cancel the hearing.

He did not have the authority, the high court said Friday.

Baugh held a news conference instead. Stay tuned for further details.  We just might learn that the judge is older than his chronological age.

The rapist’s next sentencing hearing will be hosted by the Montana Supreme Court.

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