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Bohlinger leads straw poll

The Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee is conducting a straw poll on who the Montana Democrats should nominate to run for the United States Senate in the November 2014 election.  The straw poll will be conducted from Monday, August 11th through Friday, August 15th.  The Democrats will decide on the nominee on Saturday, August 16th.

The results of the straw poll for Monday, August 11th are:


Name:                                                              Votes

Brian Schweitzer                                               7

Nancy Keenan                                                 3

Jeff Bridges                                                      9

John Walsh                                                       1

Bill Kennedy                                                     1

Frankie Wilmer                                                1

John Bohlinger                                                22

Dirk Adams                                                      4


The straw poll is conducted at the Fair Booth of the Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee.  The booth is open each day from 12(noon) until 11pm.  The poll will end on Friday, August 16th at 9pm.  In order to take part in the poll the poll participant must be physically present at the booth.  The booth is located in the south corridor of the Montana Pavilion Bldg. at the METRA in Billings.

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