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Vote ‘yes’ for schools

As parents, we always felt that our four children received a quality education in the Billings Public Schools. Now we are grandparents, and we would like to see that tradition continue for our grandchildren who attend school here.

However, it seems less and less possible when one only mill levy has passed in the Billings in the last seven years.

State funding for our schools is never enough in itself; a local mill levy is the only way that our schools can be fully funded to provide our young people with neighborhood schools, reasonable class sizes, and necessary learning tools in this age of ever-changing technology. Our school district cannot continue to decrease staff and eliminate programs without adversely affecting the educational needs of 15,000 students of all ability levels.

We encourage all parents, grandparents, and other residents of the Billings school district to vote YES for the mill levies this spring.  Supporting our schools is an absolute necessity for the good of our students and the community as a whole.

Donna and Doug Dierenfield

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