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Bring food revolution to state

I just watched a new TV show called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” What a great show and wake up call for America. It is not only advocating for a healthy America but is teaching us how to change and how to make it work.

Recently, my 10-year-old daughter decided that she wants to eat healthier and become a vegetarian. I told her it was a terrific idea not only for her, but also for our family. I did not think of it much further than that – but she did! She went to school and told the lunch service she wanted a PB and J sandwich because she was a vegetarian. After much arguing, and my daughter firmly standing up for herself, she finally did get the PB and J.

But there was such confusion over this “crazy” idea that my daughter was a vegetarian that the school principal actually called my husband at work to tell him about the “situation.” He was told the school could not accommodate a vegetarian lunch. I was very surprised, especially when I know that if the kids do not have lunch money (or their funds are getting low) that the school uses PB and J sandwich for lunch the following day as a threat, if they do not bring in money.

Now, I must add that I am proud of my child’s school because after I went in and talked with them, they have since figured how to accommodate my daughter’s wish to become a vegetarian. I was just shocked by the initial response and resistance to a child wanting to be healthier.

After some research I found out Sodexho (the food service we use in our schools and hospitals) has been recognized as having the most vegetarian friendly options. This is terrific, but is so far only in colleges and has not reached Montana meal programs.

Despite the obvious benefits to kids being exposed to healthier foods at younger ages, schools are not required to follow this model. Are we seriously so brainwashed that we don’t see that there is a problem with our American diet?

I love “Jaime Oliver’s Food Revelation,” because it really shows America that the diet we eat and provide to our children is killing future generations, and us. Yet this show, on national TV, highlights the resistance Americans have to the idea of eating healthier. The school Jamie Oliver begins with fights him tooth and nail to defend the processed foods that, in reality, are causing obesity and an innumerable amount of other diseases. Would we, in Montana, be any different? We have all bought into this idea that processed food is a healthy substitute for natural food. We may not all be ready to take the vegetarian leap, but we do need to open our eyes and see that only we can provide the changes our children need.

Sayra Stiltner

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