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Bank ordered to pay $2 million


A District Court jury has awarded a Billings man just over $2 million in his action against a bank that foreclosed on and sold a house that he and his wife had purchased outright for cash two years earlier.

After a four-day trial in the court of Yellowstone County District Judge Ingrid Gustafson last week, the jury unanimously awarded Jason Norman $350,000 in lost profitability, $100,000 for emotional distress and $1.6 million in punitive damages against Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.

Also named as defendants were Ocwen Loan Servicing, which handled the sale of the Normans’ house, and MOM Haven 6 LLP, the company to which the house was sold.

In 2010, Jason and Liz Norman moved back to Billings, Jason’s hometown, from Austin, Texas, where they’d spent 15 years.

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MCMA honors music’s best

Ellen Moak belts out a song for Ellen and the Old School at Sunday’s Magic City Music Awards show. At left is Scott Ninnemann, who organized much of this year’s show and took home the MCMA "Hero" Award.
By DAVID CRISP - The Billings Outpost

The 15th annual Magic City Music Awards on Sunday recognized the best in Billings music and added its first member to the newly created Hall of Fame.

Metal band END ever, winner of 13 awards as best metal band, became the first inductee in the Hall of Fame, which recognizes musicians who have been consistent winners in the awards. Winners are selected each year by the public.

END ever band members are Mike Walters (vocals), Matt Devitt (drums), Mario Castillo (guitar), Dave Kosmann Jr. (guitar, vocals) and Andre Brown (bass, vocals).

Mr. Devitt was a presence throughout the awards, cheering on other performers in the nine-band, four hour show on a chilly night at the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co.

The Freeman Lacy Award, which recognizes musicians who have a long history of important contributions to the Billings music scene, was presented to Ed and John Kemmick.

In presenting the award, Billings Outpost Publisher David Crisp said, “Their  achievements are too numerous to list in full, from the Longtime Lonesome Dogs to the Peach Pickers, from Maxie Ford to Firehouse, from a Hank Williams show to a statewide Jimmie Rodgers program, from thousands of hours of backyard gigs to hundreds of onstage appearances.

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Global warming spurs drought

By BARBARA BRYAN - For The Outpost

Though the current drought in the American West is unprecedented, the low precipitation being experienced is not.

“Moisture deficits the West has recently seen occur about every 30 years,” said David Battisti, professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington, speaking to a crowd of about 300 people on Oct. 30 at Bozeman’s Museum of the Rockies. “What is unprecedented, and what’s causing the drought, is a combination of low precipitation and high temperatures.”

Supported by data from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, “Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability,” Battisti attributed the high temperatures to increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. CO2 acts as a thermal blanket, trapping heat and warming the planet.   

Battisti’s comments came as part of his “Climate of the West: Past, Present, and Future” lecture, an event in the “Western Lands and Peoples: Perspectives on the American West” lecture series sponsored by the Montana State University Bozeman College of Letters and Sciences.

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