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City faces ‘exponential’ growth

By STEPHEN DOW - For The Outpost

Candi Millar, planning director for the city of Billings, last week discussed the future of a city that has experienced “exponential” growth and changes in the past five years.

“A statistic I always like to cite is that between 1990 and 2000, we grew one square mile,” Millar said Heights Community Development Task Force’s monthly meeting. “Between 2000 and 2010, we grew 10 square miles. That exponential growth rate has continued in the last five years. Our population and city limits have both grown substantially.”

Due to this rapid rate of growth, Millar and her team are redeveloping the city’s comprehensive growth plan.

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Therapist remembered as friend, soulmate


Paula McClave had been seeing therapists on and off for almost 25 years when someone suggested she try C. Jane Estelle, whom everyone knew as Jane.

It took her a year to call and make an appointment, she said, “but it was the best thing I ever did.”

“I had seen a lot of therapists, and I had given up,” she said. “But I walked into her office and I said, ‘Oh, my God, I have met my soulmate.’”

Another client, who asked to be identified only as Ruth, had a similar experience. Ruth was selling advertising 20 years ago and walked into Estelle’s office to talk to her office manager.

When Estelle came out to talk to the same person, Ruth said, “I was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of place. … I knew that I belonged there.” She went to her car, intending to drive away, but instead she went back to Estelle’s office and made her first appointment.

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Happiness pays off for Lucinda Williams

Photo by Michael Wilson - Noted songwriter Lucinda Williams performs Sunday in South Park.
By DAVE GIL DE RUBIO - Last Word Features

The idea that suffering makes for great art is one of those time-honored rock ’n’ roll tropes that even made its way into the title of a 1982 Todd Rundgren album (“The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect”). And while Lucinda Williams has had her share of personal trauma that’s informed her work over the past few decades, the happily married musician isn’t buying it.

For her, happiness is underrated when it comes to the creative process, even if the name of her fine recently released double-CD, “Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone,” might suggest otherwise.

“[Being miserable in order to create great art] is a big myth,” she said with a laugh on the phone at her L.A. home. “Not that suffering doesn’t help your writing, but I can’t write when I’m in the middle of feeling like crap. That’s the last thing I want to do. Tom Petty said the exact same thing in an interview. There’s this whole myth that you’re sitting on the side of your bed drinking Jack Daniels while your tears fall onto your guitar and you’re writing away. That’s not how it works,” she says with a laugh.

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